Integrated data analytics applied to market pricing.

Meaningful answers to complex data problems.

Elefant Sciences designs high-performance integrated software systems focused on rapid capital deployment in OTC markets. Our software suite and HPC hardware work in tandem to ensure stability, speed, and security, saving clients time and money.


Processing in parallel.

The Elefant Sciences team applies our expertise in machine learning and signal processing to create targeted, objective software solutions. We focus on the uniquely challenging domain of OTC marketplaces.


Built to work, and work together.

Our clients require powerful and secure on-site systems for high-intensity data processing in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Find the correlation.

Discover the power of objective, targeted pricing. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our company, products, or team.

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Diverse data divers.

Elefant Sciences values diversity of experience and background. Our team comes from military, finance, tech, and filmmaking. Our expertise spans systems engineering, machine intelligence, risk analytics, image and signal processing, and cryptography.

Rick Stoermann


Nico Dujols

Quantitative Modeling

Shailesh Sinha

Principal Software Engineer

Sid Graser

AI Research Scientist

Yuri Plaksyuk

Senior Engineer

Pavel Gusak

Senior Engineer

Will Kimball

Senior Network Engineer

Steve Bohmbach

Software Engineer

Ashley Reyes

Software Engineer

Anna Shmynets

Administrative Assistant