A digital broker-dealer designed to serve clients.

Liquidity as principal — our principal service.

The best way to improve liquidity in OTC markets is to provide it as principal – consistently. Elefant Markets is built fully digital, from RFQ to settlement, because our clients deserve less talk and more prices.

Our Difference

Machine intelligence meets market intelligence.

Elefant Markets uses the vast amount of financial data to help our clients trade OTC securities. And our algorithms perform the same analytics every time we’re asked for a price, regardless of investor.


Better systems for superior service.

Electronic trading is the future of OTC markets so we built Elefant around state of the art analytics and digital-native processes. Our prices are determined objectively and our software doesn’t make human errors.

We are so confident in our systems that we’ll never ask for relief on a trade, ever.

Advanced Analytics

We use numerous data sources to create continuous base prices on bonds when asked by investors on electronic trading platforms.

Objective Pricing

Elefant software modifies our base prices to reflect our balance sheet costs and risk positioning. We use the same process on each inquiry so every client receives competitive pricing.

Focused Service

Our clients deserve high response rates and consistency of pricing — delivered on electronic trading platforms.


RFQ or email, you’ll always get a response.

Full-service digital bond trading isn’t a contradiction. Our goal is top-tier response rates regardless of market conditions. Drop us a line if you’re an OTC investor interested in learning more about our algorithmic liquidity.

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We did our time at large firms – and suffered with legacy technology. Our modern systems create the best client experience. We’re a growing team looking for talented colleagues, so don’t be shy if you think there’s a better way to do business.

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COO & Head of Compliance

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Head of Trading

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Head of Business Development and Sales

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Trading Operations

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