Make deviation

An applied analytics company powered by radical integrity.

Elefant solves complex data challenges in market pricing. Our software and hardware solutions work in concert to meet the industry-specific needs of our clients. And we operate with radical integrity in how we work, what we work on, and who we work with.

Objective answers to subjective questions.

Our companies

Software and hardware solutions for clients with sparse data problems — to make clear pricing decisions in an unclear world

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A digital broker-dealer deploying our dynamic pricing technology for superior service in institutional markets

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Data analytics with intention.

We constantly improve our technology and methodology to help our clients and community make better decisions through applied analytics. Our objective process leads to measurable and repeatable results, whether processing data or pricing products.

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Profit for a purpose.

Client impact generates profit, but social impact gives us purpose. We pledge 10% of our profits to organizations making a positive change in the world.

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